Adolescent Therapy

You and your adolescent don't have to face these struggles alone

You and your adolescent don't have to face these struggles alone

Adolescence is a period of time involving multiple physical, intellectual, personality, and social developmental changes.

There is a process of developing the social skills and emotional intelligence necessary to lead healthy, happy lives. When adolescents experience difficult emotions or engage in behavior that interferes with their happiness and ability to thrive, they may benefit from engaging in therapy to address their problems.

Treatment is not a one size fits all approach and careful consideration is taken to understand the unique issues that each adolescent faces. I spend time building rapport with your adolescent to foster open communication and trust in the relationship, thus promoting more openness to suggestions and acceptance for change. I also work with the parent(s) to foster empowerment in their ability to learn more effective skills to support their child.

I’m here to help you and your adolescent work through:

Academic Pressure
Anger Management
Emotional Regulation Difficulties
Generalized Anxiety
Low Self-Esteem
Mood Instability
Panic Disorders/Phobias
Peer Problems
Sexual Assault
Social Anxiety
Trauma (Flashbacks/Nightmares)

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